The Malt Whisky Society of Australia, Inc. is a group of malt whisky enthusiasts, dedicated to the proposition that Australia needs more malts, and more appreciators of malt. To that end, we formed the not-for-profit Malt Whisky Society of Australia Inc in 2002.

The 2003 National Malt Whisky Convention (Canberra, 2003) was the MWSoA's inaugural effort to provide a nationwide forum for malt whisky fans. The success of the inaugural convention led to Australia's 2nd Malt Whisky Convention which was held in Sydney in 2005, with the 3rd Convention in Melbourne in 2007 and the fourth convention in Adelaide, June 2013.

The Society arranges malt whisky tastings, dinners and paired whisky tasting events. Our Facebook page keeps you up-to-date with the latest and upcoming events, so make sure you follow us on Facebook.

In the past, the society has also conducted the Malt Whisky Awards where we sought entries of commercially available malt whiskies which were judged by an expert panel of whisky judges. Gold, silver and bronze medals have been awarded and the results published in our newsletter. Our list of medal winners throws up some excellent value for money malts and you might want to take our medal list with you when you go malt hunting.

We also occasionally arrange vanity bottlings from our favourite distilleries to be bottled for members.

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