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Whisky Production
The Facts, Fiction & Fantasies

The Wheatsheaf Hotel
39 George St, Thebarton, SA
2:15pm (for a 2:30pm start)

Have you ever been to a whisky tasting and wondered how much of what the presenters say is applicable, and how much is a fancy bit of marketing talk to help someone make a buck? Does the water flowing over hill and dale, peat and craggy rocks really make much of a difference, or should we instead be asking about fermentation lengths and condenser formats?

Well, this tasting aims to answer a few of those trickier questions and get us thinking about where the flavours in our glasses really come from. Our panel features speakers with extensive backgrounds in analytic sciences, whisky production and, above all, whisky appreciation.

Bring your curiosity, your queries and your palate for an unforgettably geeky adventure!

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