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Annual General Meeting

Duke of Brunswick Hotel
(MacGowan Room – upstairs meeting room)
207 Gilbert St, Adelaide, SA

The MWSoA invites you to attend our Annual General Meeting which will be held on 20 April 2024.

All positions are declared vacant on the day and are up for election, so if you want to stand for office or want to have a vote on who should represent you and you’re in Adelaide on Saturday 20 April, please come along.

Of course if you can’t make it on the day you can nominate for the committee and/or apply (using forms available on the website or the buttons below) for a proxy vote and assign your vote to someone who will be there.  You have to be a current financial member of the Society to do either. There will be a current membership list available on the day and nominations and proxy votes will be checked against that list.  If you attend and find that you are not financial, we will have Membership Renewal forms available on the day.

The formal proceedings will be followed immediately by a few beers and finger food courtesy of the MWSoA and a chance to catch up. We’ll run a bar tab.

So, if you’re in Adelaide on 20 April 2024, please come along and participate in our corporate governance and find out where we’ve been and where we might be heading.

The newly elected committee will be charged with shaping the vision for the future and making it happen and subject to election and availability all committee members will be required to attend a Planning Day in May 2024.

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