MWSoA Bespoke Bottling #5: Southern Coast Distilling Casks 43 & 44


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Southern Coast 2011, 51.3% Casks 43 & 44, Distilled 2011, Bottled 2018 (MWSoA IB, 60 bottles)

This was the Society’s 2nd independent bottling from Southern Coast. It was selected by a Committee tasting panel in early 2018 and bottled in May. We selected the strength as our first IB was at 50%. No-one (including Ian Schmidt) was sure of the cask provenance but we think one of them was Apera and the other Tawny. Whatever, they melded beautifully and gave us a rich and juicy fruit bomb with woody herbs. There’s a signature distillery character in all Southern Coast and Iniquity bottlings and this is no exception.

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