MWSoA Bespoke Bottling #2: Glenfarclas 10YO Cask Strength


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Glenfarclas 10 yo CS 60%, bottled by Glenfarclas for the MWSoA Convention in 2013.

Glenfarclas don’t bottle a 10-yo age statement cask strength in their core range. They rely on the brand loyalty of the ‘105’ built up over 60 years. We were able to negotiate a small portion of the appropriately aged casks destined for the 105 to be diverted to produce our Convention whisky in March 2013. It’s an amazing time capsule of what Glenfarclas 105 was in January 2015. We struck gold because the quality of the spirit and the wood were exceptional. There’s a clarity of spirit and wood in this whisky that a lot of distilleries would kill for.

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