MWSoA Bespoke Bottling #3: Southern Coast Cask 48 (50% abv)


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Southern Coast 2004, 50.0% Cask 48, Distilled 2004, Bottled 2015

This Southern Coast MWSoA bespoke bottling was the second home grown product the society released, and it is a stunning example of Australian malt whisky at its very best. Add to this that it’s from a closed distillery and it’s clear that this is a rare opportunity to buy a piece of Aussie malt whisky history – a gem from Southern Coast Distillers.

This is a very limited, rare and exciting bottling, specially selected by the committee from a range of top class casks, individually numbered and signed by the distiller.

(special note: see if you can find the typo in the label, making this an even-more interesting curio)

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